Coming Home To Stay - album

by James Hollingsworth

When you look around the World It's hard to imagine how things are gonna get better Without feeling like an idealistic fool Who's gone and traded dreams For what's right before his eyes Who sooner or later, has got to get Wise And the troubles that we face That time and time again come back to haunt us With the feeling that we've all been here before And we've gone and fallen for The same old themes and lies But sooner or later, we're gonna get Wise Look again at all the questions That we answered in whatever way we could Without being in possession of the facts Settling for Chimeras That won't let truth arise But sooner or later, we're gonna get Wise Take a look into the Future Perhaps you will already have been there Without wordplay taken too far, can I say? We could be reaching for the stars! 'cause surely we could make it if we tried But sooner or later, we're gonna get Wise When you look around the World It's hard to imagine how things are gonna get better
Watching for the Stars in the City skies Amber reflections banish them from our eyes As we sit here smiling in the Garden of Eden Overgrown by the years of neglect By unnamed others, a legacy of the past imperfect But a saving grace transforms the face Of the luminescent thief of the stars As I raise my eyes to Heaven To take in the air and breathe in the sight Forgiveness shows the brightness In a very different light 'cause it still lights up the Rain
The music played, they were delayed Alone you sit there, embarrassed in the coolness of your lair A perfect image, raven plumage Casting eyes, accustomed wise to staring guys Pre-prepared lies Despite myself, it occurs to me I think you're just the right size mmmm Rising on the tide of a thousand revisions My body seems to glide with even decisions Your presence like a glove, fits smoothly the visions As I turn and meet your eye Let smiling fade, return to shade I close my case, we've acknowledged our acquaintance In this otherwise empty space I turn away and sideways to you, Orientation relative to you Careful working, you're such distraction A question forms, Will you be joined by more? And just then they walk though the door Ritually you rise, with greetings and surprise The bustle of your friends brings the silence to an end An awkwardness our alter fate, I'm glad I chose to wait Better never than too late.
And I was driving, two miles past the limit Riding the storm, believing the news Past questions of survival and danger When suddenly it came to me That I was too far gone for you Please, don't you even miss me? I'm writing this song, believing that arrival Was destined to be A life-long way to give it A folly in Genes, too Blue for my eyes Cast down from the Skies. And I was finding, to my own discredit The Romance was wrong, believing my Blues Gave answers, but only rivalled, made me a stranger With visions of Ganja That made me too far gone for you Please, don't you even miss me? I'm writing this wrong, but it seems to me only natural Our biology We're programmed to reveal it A folly in Genes, too Blue for my eyes Cast down from the Skies.
I remember the opening words of Love Times were hard but God looked down from above (Like He was saying) "Only You, babe, only you, only you, babe" But He left me, on my own I'm looking back I'm seening I was wrong I'm looking back He said "You're not the only one But still I bless you, babe I don't love you any less." I remember running free in the world of Love Times were hard but it was all taken care of I'm looking back I'm seeing I was wrong I'm looking back I see it all goes on and on... I remember the looking in your eyes with Love Times were hard but we looked down from above (Like we were saying) "Only You, babe, only you, only you, babe" As I leave you, on your own I'm looking back I'm seeing I was wrong I'm looking back I see you're not the only one But still I bless you, babe I don't love you any less.
He had a message of how to make water in the desert While all around him the people were parched for thirst, they knew no cloud But little did he know there were places where the clouds unleashed their loads in torrents And the problems they faced in those lands were how to keep dry, and they cried for the blue sky And the breeze, whispering through the sands The Horizon clear and wide, no endless realms of rain. He had a mind that was filled with perplexity and questions Saying "I could be the One, but he who thinks he's the One, is mad, or a liar, or deluded with lies" He could find no compromise But little and by little, he took to walking driven by his need to understand Wandered far, found himself in a land one misty new day Where they played a game with what he would say And all the while, clouds marching across the miles Were changing visions, and as the thunder peeled he smiled, said "What gift is there like Rain?" And what happened to him? He came round in the end, just like all the rest In time, he told his story wrapped in rhyme.
“It was doing whose will?” says Jeremy To which of nine he is counted first Then shares the Forgotten Words In Dream's subliminal form To... Form subliminal Dreams in words gotten For the shares, then First counted is he, Nine of which to Jeremy Says Will: “Whose doing was it?”
People laughing with their friends, they laugh the world away People clinging to their dreams, they let 'em slip away Oh, I couldn't hold on to the end, I let it pass me by All meaning's scattered to the winds, And never free to cry And I only go to say 'goodbye' with reason indistinct Oh, God! He knows the reason! Comin' home to stay We're livin' out the season Now, we're dreaming all the way... Double parking is a trend, just a means to make it through the day Another moment has an end, chance to play another day And the caged bird is singing why, and clearly in denial... The thunderbolt was freezing, came and went away I can't believe you're leaving, now I've nothing more to say
Running through the distance Reelin' round Reason through insistence Meanin' sound I done right... And that's reason enough for me I deny that the whole philosophy is real Ragin' onwards upwards round Only waitin' for the sound Runnin' in next to no time Runnin' in next to no time Keep in mind you can't regret it If in time, hope to transcend it She's a Woman , her power's gone She's a Woman , yeah, he's strung her along She's a Woman , yeah, she knows he's wrong She's a Woman, helpless in the face Of the warm, hard stone Seeds sowing assistance For the ride Female thought resistance Great Divide Ragin' onwards upwards round Only waitin' for the sound, of... Way down South I can roll away.
I see the sky open up before me I see my road is soon to bend I couldn't face, no I couldn't face that again But I see the time is coming for a change And I saw that in my mind there were two routes I could go One leads toward the place that I can never know The road is barred ahead and I don't know the reason why But others are crowded on that way They'll soon all pass me by And I thought I heard a voice That said "I know you" I should not have thought That I always knew the way in which to go But how? How could I have seen the lie behind those eyes? But when I look back now There's really no surprise And I feel so alone by myself again It's Saturday afternoon And it's too bad that I've no plans tonight No one to see, no where to go Except for straight on to find out What I already know And I thought I saw myself, I turned as if to say You'd better pick up the pieces Before they blow away And I thought I heard a voice That said "I know you"
Long Way Out 12:39
I don't need drugs to feel sane again I rove alone, now, in the night of the Wheels Your fate's your own now, you know how living feels You can wait a lifetime to see the stone roll down the hill The Holy Rollers fade in and out, allowed In the Crowd, they hear... “I read it on the Internet, an empty modern epithet That a friend is a stranger you just haven't met” “God alive! The sky's a bowl! I'd never want to sell my soul For a simplification of the Truth, Reduced Negation, here's the proof...” (wo hoh_______hoo...) Magic surprise, make the Truth disappear before your eyes To fall in with the lies, you must internalise That living the Life is an over-sublimation of far too much information You can lose the intimation that the only implication is the Real-World's subjugation To the Night, We'll blow the way, we'll see Through to the Dawn on the other side One Life, Live it, basically you can't believe your eyes Easy living, something gone but you can't name the price, 'til, eyes wide Walk along the edge of where the Sand that meets the Land And where the Sky that meets the Sun that meets the Wind The Eye beholds the Knife that's joined to the Hand that holds the Blade And it will see the Story played if it can Dream long, Live it, Time and Time and Time and Time again Feel my New Song, feel the Fevered Dream and watch the Wheels Turn Cobwebs burn...don't weep for the loss of jewels that flee the sun, cause it's all One And I stand and watch Only long enough to put this thing to bed Until the next time I feel this Esoteric make-up of the motivation That guides the tides... And it was only my mistake to think it mattered Right or wrong I took the Long Way Round.
Eternity 02:40
The lights are on But God's not here He's just popped out a minute ago Before you came in Can you wait? He said you're always welcome...


Coming Home to Stay comprises 12 songs, with hooks, harmonicas, harmonies, hush and heaviness aplenty, delivered with James' characteristic passion and aplomb. More unusual tracks include the lyrically and musically palindromic Bounty of Id, (also a mini-saga) of just under 2 minutes and the epic 12-minute Long Way Out.

"James Hollingsworth is one of my top ten favorite male singer/songwriters of all time!

"His songs are haunting tone-poems that get under your skin and make you want to go back again and again. Soaring vocals, goose-bumps, a gorgeous, authoritative, clear voice that stands strong on top of minimal accompanying instrumentation, a master of inflection, a major vocal+songwriting talent combination.

"Instruments are one or two acoustic guitars, harmonica, an occasional soulful electric guitar lead without distortion, and piano on one song.

"I hear subtle influences in his vocal style coming from Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Steve Winwood, Ray LaMontagne, Cat Stevens, and every now and then, just a touch of Richie Havens and even Joe Cocker (but not in Cocker's "extreme" mode, if you know what I mean!).

"These are deep, powerful songs, not your ordinary mainstream fluff. You will think about them. There is a psycho-spiritual understanding embedded in them that cannot be pigeonholed as this-or-that philosophy. You will find many gems of insight in them." - Van Casey


released March 12, 2007

James Hollingsworth


all rights reserved



James Hollingsworth Frome, UK

Clouds Begin Their Reign - the 6th single from Thirteen Moons

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